The Festa Major  in Denia, Spain, fills the month of July with festive activities in honor of the Holy blood.

DAY of the Holy Blood: This day is a public holiday in Denia, held the second Wednesday after the feast of San Pedro. La Festa Major, begins on a Friday or Saturday before and ends later Sunday is organized around this Wednesday.

The program is made up of religious ceremonies and other activities such as sporting competitions, children's activities, music concerts and much more...

Some of the more traditional activities are:

- Bulls to the Sea (Bous a la Mar), declared a Fiesta of national tourist interest, with two sessions each day.

- The procession of the blood ceremony which takes place on Wednesday.

- The concert of the Group artistic Musical de Denia celebrated the day of the Holy blood.

- The parade of floats, parades and music declared Provincial tourist attractions that takes place the last Saturday of the Festival.

- The castle of fireworks celebrated the last day night com climax and closure of parties.

Note:  Information is courtesy of the Denia Tourist Bureau -

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